Flavours inspired by seas around the world. Stunning location on the shores of the Baltic Sea. The subtle elegance of the interiors and the atmosphere of relaxation.

Not visiting White Marlin while in Sopot is like missing the Mona Lisa at the Louvre in Paris.

White Marlin - SEA MORE...

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White Marlin risotto


Surprising cuisine - infused with sea flavours. Discreet yet always helpful waiter service.
Dishes served at a standard that meet the expectations of very demanding guests.

Explore the White Marlin.

White Marlin is more than a restaurant.

It is a while when you can taste the special moments.
Outstanding plating of the dishes and live cooking demonstrations.

It is a space where unforgettable memories are created.
Elegant yet uncluttered interiors that emphasise the uniqueness of the event.

It is a setting for the moments to be reminisced for years. A place for unforgettable receptions, weddings, and business meetings.

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Life tastes good here. More.

Sea flavours, casual and sophisticated atmosphere.

Sea View.
A piece of private beach.

Discreet waiter service.
Subtle elegance of interiors in the style of boho chic.

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