White Marlin is a place created for those who expect more...

• More exploratory flavors that will delight you.
Carpaccio of octopus or herring from Bornholm is just a foretaste of the chef's culinary masterpieces.

• More exciting experiences that will not be forgotten.
Soup pour at the table? That's a standard at White Marlin.

• More original compositions of dishes that will exceed your expectations.
Fresh mussels in butter emulsion that you won't find anywhere else.

A visit to White Marlin is a moment when you can taste life better.

Where the sand meets the sea…

Missing a visit at White Marlin during your stay in Sopot is like skipping the Mona Lisa in Paris’ Louvre.

With a unique location right on the seafront, every dish served at White Marlin is accompanied by the sea breeze and the concert of seagulls.

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An exceptional atmosphere

Moments to truly taste the pleasures

From subtle music to discreet service (ghost service).
From a joyful afternoon with loved ones to an elegant evening meeting.
From subdued yet modern interiors to original dish plating.

White Marlin with its outstanding cuisine and high-class service creates a place with an ambience that cannot be forgotten. Nor can it be repeated.

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After the sun goes down…

There are days when you wish to get away from the ordinary everyday life.
There are evenings when you simply enjoy the moments with your loved ones.

Located on a bustling beach in Sopot, Beach Bar White Marlin is a place created to celebrate just such moments.

Sea breeze, refreshing cocktails, and original appetizers. This is the recipe for the success of our Beach Bar.

Because at White Marlin we know how pleasantly an evening with the loved ones tastes.

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White Marlin cuisine is more than dishes

It is an unforgettable experience that stimulates all the senses.

Cuisine inspired by seas around the world is now rediscovered.

Even better.
Even more.

White Marlin – SEA MORE…

The heart of White Marlin’s cuisine is fish and seafood. From all over the world, served originally.

It’s time the flavors and aromas stimulated all your senses.

Evenings with Fish Butcher?
Final touch at your table?
Niche wines from local vineyards?

Be surprised by the unusual compositions of dishes. In a style that Poland have never seen before.

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